Web Applications

SSW has the resources to develop sites of any scope, from ongoing maintenance tasks to the implementation of large complex sites.


Our enterprise clients love Angular, be it government or large insurance firms, Angular enables you to get systems into production in record time and allows you to be more ambitious with what you want to achieve.


React is a JavaScript library that combines the speed of JavaScript with new ways of rendering web pages, making them highly dynamic and responsive to user input.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Development is an established trend in today’s market. Convenience and accessibility have become key factors in why a business solution achieves success.


ALM and Azure DevOps/TFS

Team Foundation Server is the leading tool for agile software development teams. We offer installation, customization, and training.


Scrum is a highly agile software development methodology. We can help your team adopt Scrum and offer guidance for better software development practices.


DevOps enables your organization to be more agile and helps bring the consistency that improves quality and allows you to be responsive to changes and issues.

Remote Work

SSW can assist in putting the tools in place to allow your employees to continue working from home (or anywhere) with little to no impact on their efficiency and productivity.



Get your team up to speed on the latest technologies in a day. DevSuperPowers is an initiative of SSW to help development teams get up to speed on the latest development tools and technologies.